Abstracted landscape collage-paintings of Sutherland, Iceland, Greenland, Namibia and Antarctica

kyleskuNoBorder (547K) aPoolGeysairNoBorder (53K) BlueIcebergNoBorder (122K)
Kylesku, SutherlandBlesi, Geysir, IcelandBlue Iceberg, Uummannaq, Greenland

Sutherland is situated at the northern end of mainland Scotland. It was the Southern Land of the Vikings. Ann Davidson, a native of this county, travelled north to seek what she calls "Sutherland, exaggerated." In subsequent years, she visited Namibia and Antarctica. The landscapes of these remote places provide inspiration for her work. Her earlier collage-paintings were made with watercolour and paper; her current work is made from acrylic paint and canvas.

The artist has devised a method of image making which allows, during composition, visual components to be changed quickly enough to enable comparison between adjustments and which allows the result to be preserved.

AnnOnIceCapCropped (29K)